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  • Christmas Leftovers – Desserts of the Future

    So, your home has lots of Christmas goodies left over, half finished and you’re now on a diet trying to shift the evidence of Christmas excess… why not make some ice cream and flavour it with crumbled-up Christmas cake / pudding with a bit of added Cinnamon, or leftover chocolates broken up with a knife and supplemented with a couple of spoons of cocoa powder / drinking chocolate … the ice cream will keep for months in your freezer and make a delicious, quick and easy dessert for dinner guests a couple of months down the line.   Serve with a fruit coulis / blended raspberries to wow your guests.

    If you’re not feeling brave or inspired, you could always offload a bag of stuff to passing visitors and wait for us to open on 1st February for your ice cream!

    But go for it – if your ice cream creativity doesn’t go according to plan, it’ll do for a Saturday night in at the telly.

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