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10 Reasons To Eat Good Quality Chocolate

Eating quality chocolate is actually good for you

When I say good chocolate, I mean really great chocolate. I cannot speak for other quality brands, but the following points are valid for our chocolate:

  • Bullets Leaf Icon Colored It tastes so damn good – every mouthful is an experience you’ll want to repeat.
  • Bullets Leaf Icon Colored It contains cocoa butter in the chocolate for a better taste, finish, mouthfeel, aroma and, indeed, digestive experience! Cheaper chocolate often contains vegetable fat to reach the price points demanded by supermarkets – nothing is quite the same!
  • Bullets Leaf Icon Colored Because it is rich, creamy, satisfying, with intense cocoa notes that linger on the palate, you’ll be enjoying the taste experience for longer and satisfy chocolate cravings sooner!. The “yes, that hits the spot” factor.
  • Bullets Leaf Icon Colored Because you have paid more for it, in our case anyway, the cocoa is from ethically produced and sustainable sources without the use of child labour. For every chocolate we sell, some of the revenue goes into development support and educational programmes to help the farmers and communities producing the cocoa.
  • Bullets Leaf Icon Colored If you are a dark chocolate aficionado, you may already know that, gramme for gramme, there are more antioxidants in 70% Cocoa (or greater) Dark Chocolate than in the superfood – blueberries! Who would have thought?!
  • Bullets Leaf Icon Colored Serotonin is a hormone that is triggered by consuming chocolate - increased levels of serotonin is related to positive mood. Eating chocolate makes you happy.  Of course, moderation is advised.
  • Bullets Leaf Icon Colored You know what you are eating: Cocoa, Milk Powder, Sugar, Vanilla, and some soya lecithin to help with fluidity and workability – all of these are from natural sources.
  • Bullets Leaf Icon Colored Avoid waste - Quality Chocolate will be eaten! You won’t find quality chocolate left lying around because it’s not great, eventually finding its way into rice crispy buns, brownies, or worse – the food waste.
  • Bullets Leaf Icon Colored Sometimes it’s just the only thing that will satisfy you. After you scout around the kitchen cupboards, munching your way through all sorts of other mediocre treats, you finally go for the prized chocolate you were saving for the weekend – bliss!  Mission accomplished.  You would have eaten fewer calories if you had gone straight for the jackpot!
  • Bullets Leaf Icon Colored With a food that has been relished all the way back to the Aztecs, the Incas and the Olmecs, brought to Europe by the Spanish Conquistadors – cocoa’s got a bit of history and staying power, eh! Don’t just take our word for it!  Although Christopher Columbus appears to have “discovered” cacao beans in 1502, he did not realize its potential!  Hernan Cortez tried the drink and he is credited with sending cacao beans back to Spain in 1544 to be presented to Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand – clearly people of excellent taste.  The rest, as they say, is history.