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  • Chocolate Lasagne 2

    Handmade Chocolate Lasagne

    Christmas is an ideal time to make fun sweet treats with your kids. Inspired from my daughter’s creative mind and her love of real lasagne, we rolled up our sleeves and created our very own (maybe a worlds first) chocolate lasagne! Choose your favourite cereal and create the perfect dessert lasagne.

    To make your very own chocolate lasagne check out the recipe below:


    • Milk Chocolate
    • White Chocolate
    • Cereal – Cornflakes / Rice Krispies / Cheerios
    • Cream
    • Sprinkles



    1. Temper both the white and milk chocolate separately. To temper chocolate: Melt three quarters of the chocolate in a bowl over warm water. Remove from the heat and add the final quarter. Stir vigorously until the chocolate is fully melted. Please note with high quality chocolate its important to temper it as, otherwise, it won’t set properly.
    2. Add your choice of cereal to the milk chocolate and white chocolate separately. Mix thoroughly to ensure the cereal is coated with chocolate.
    3. Layer in a dish starting with the milk chocolate cereal mix. Then add a layer with the white chocolate cereal mix. Repeat a couple of times to get layers.
    4. For the topping, make a ganache with 2 parts melted white chocolate and 1 part warmed cream. Mix with a hand whisk. Pour ganache over the lasagne, this will make a smooth cover for the top.
    5. Decorate with sprinkles.
    6. Refrigerate for one hour and enjoy!

    We hope you have fun trying out our chocolate lasagne recipe. For more recipe ideas keep an eye out on our blog over the coming weeks where we will share our favourite recipes from Chocolate Garden HQ.

    To purchase the chocolate ingredients to make this lasagne, please click here

  • Christmas Leftovers – Desserts of the Future

    So, your home has lots of Christmas goodies left over, half finished and you’re now on a diet trying to shift the evidence of Christmas excess, why not make some ice cream and flavour it with crumbled-up Christmas cake / pudding with a bit of added Cinnamon, or leftover chocolates broken up with a knife and supplemented with a couple of spoons of cocoa powder / drinking chocolate & the ice cream will keep for months in your freezer and make a delicious, quick and easy dessert for dinner guests a couple of months down the line. Serve with a fruit coulis / blended raspberries to wow your guests.

    If you’re not feeling brave or inspired, you could always offload a bag of stuff to passing visitors and wait for us to open on 1st February for your ice cream!

    But go for it, if your ice cream creativity doesn’t go according to plan, it’ll do for a Saturday night in at the telly.

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