Virtual Chocolate Tasting Experience

Our Chocolate Virtual Tasting Experience is an ideal way to bring colleagues together online for shared fun and a break from all their responsibilities.  Melt away all those workplace inhibitions with a multi-sensory session and give everyone a much-needed lift.  Tasting packs are sent out ahead of time and held for the special event.

Participants are trained in how to be aware of the multi-faceted elements of tasting chocolate, really sensing all its characteristics and are suprised to use senses they never used before with chocolate!

For groups of 15 participants+; price varies with delivery charges, so call or email us today for your quote.

The chocolate tasting experience proves to be both fun and interesting – engaging all your senses in the delights of chocolate.  Hear what some of our past tasting ‘graduates’ had to say…

“It was very fun, I already told people from other teams to do the same activity”. (Facebook, 2021)

“Loved the dynamic between the two. Loved the more in-depth stories about chocolate and how to pair it”

“I loved the dynamic also, and how they gave background on the origins of the chocolates, super interesting”

Call Jim or Mary Healy today to discuss your particular requirements. T. 059 6481999

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