Ruby Chocolate Leaves in a Pouch 100g

Ruby Chocolate Leaves in a Pouch 100g


Superb Ruby Chocolate leaves, fabulously smooth and luxurious with note of berry – a delight to the palate.

Ruby Chocolate leaf thins melt in your mouth for a perfectly elegant treat.

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Pink Chocolate, how is it pink? Cocoa Mass is typically brown and gets its colour from the variety of cocoa bean and the fermentation process after the cocoa pods have been harvested and emptied of cocoa beans. For Ruby, a special variety of cocoa has been grown and a unique processing technique used to achieve a pink cocoa mass instead of the traditional brown we are used to.

Typically, cocoa beans are dried after fermentation, cleaned and broken into Nibs, then melted, becoming Cocoa Liquor – this can be further processed into Cocoa Mass and the White part – Cocoa Butter. White Chocolate is made from Milk, Sugar and Cocoa Butter primarily (there is no cocoa mass). Ruby Chocolate has both Cocoa Butter and (Pink) Cocoa Mass. Our Cocoa is sourced from Ghana and the Ivory Coast and is ethically produced; considerable partnership co-operation occurs between local farmers and our intermediary suppliers to improve the lot of cocoa farmers.

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