Shannon Byrne – Winning Entry

Shannon Byrne – Winning Entry
May 14, 2015 Patrick Kavanagh
What did the Shamrock say to the poppy? Facebook Competition

Recently we ran a competition on our Facebook page, where we asked you, “What did the Shamrock say to the Poppy?” We were overwhelmed by the number of people took their time to enter but the winning entry simply blew us away. Shannon Byrne took the time out to write us a poem, here is her winning entry:

What did the Shamrock say to the Poppy?

By Shannon Byrne

What did the Shamrock say to the Poppy?
He said “Look at you all red and soppy.
I’m the lean, green, fighting machine,
Something a poppy could only ever dream.
Look at your red petals all so pretty,
But come look at me as I’m lucky and witty.
I’m a very young sprig of green clover,
So my dear Poppy you better move over.
As I’ve been talked about for many, many years,
A symbol of the Trinity which gives many cheers.
St Patrick was a very good friend of mine,
The Irish they love me, they think I’m divine.”
Chocolate Garden of Ireland
you are great guys,
To offer up this yummy and tasty prize.
I hope you keep this rhyming gal in mind,
With these chocolate bars oh so very, very kind.

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