Allergen Information

Is the Chocolate Gluten Free

Yes, ours is! Cocoa doesn’t contain GLUTEN; however, plenty of ingredients that are used in flavouring chocolate fillings actually do. We have refined our product range to eliminate all gluten-containing ingredients from our chocolate products so you can rest assured if you are allergic to GLUTEN, if you are Coeliac or intolerant, our products will rest easy with you! Our chocolate production facility is a GLUTEN-Free Zone.

What about Biscuits?

A word of caution – our biscuits and waffle products are produced in a separate facility and absolutely DO contain GLUTEN.

What about Ice Cream?

Our ice cream range includes flavour containing GLUTEN and non-GLUTEN-containing varieties; a very thorough wash-down occurs between types / flavours. Pre-packed Ice cream pots taken from the upright freezer (not the scoop counter) will be ‘pure’ – i.e. will either be GLUTEN Free or NOT.

Varieties which are GLUTEN FREE include Vanilla, Chocolate Truffle, Raspberry Sorbet, Orange, Strawberries & Cream.

What about GLUTEN-Free offering in the Café?

We generally have a GLUTEN Free brownie available; pre-packed ice cream and chocolates are GLUTEN Free.

NUT Allergy Sufferer?

In our Chocolate Facility, we use NUTS (HAZELNUT, ALMOND, WALNUT, PISTACHIO). In our Ice Cream Facility, we use NUTS (HAZELNUT, ALMOND, PISTACHIO). PEANUTS are NOT used in any of our products.

If you attend our venue to do Chocolate-Making, chocolate may have been transferred in a melted state from our Production Area. We recommend that NUT allergy sufferers should refrain from consuming our chocolate due to the risk inherent.

Other Allergens?

SOYA is contained in the majority of our chocolate. MILK is contained in most of our chocolate and Ice cream. All of our packed products have ALLERGEN information on the packaging. A list of Allergens of Café offerings – cakes, chocolates and ice cream – is on display in our shop

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