TY Transition Year / LCVP Groups & Home Ec. Field Trips

  • Fun & Educational Interactive Chocolate Workshop (Allow 2hrs min. onsite)
  • Free Play Area (Trim Trail to challenge all ages)
  • Covered Outdoor Picnic Area
  • Complimentary Tea/Coffee for Teachers/Driver
  • Group Rate €11.50 (>15)

Combine education with fun in this great chocolate workshop, followed by a detailed Q&A session tailored to your groups’ particular interests. Whether you are a group of Transition Year students or a LCVP group we are sure you will enjoy and benefit from this educational chocolate experience.

As artisan makers of premium chocolate and ice cream, you will get a sense of the level of commitment, effort and skill that goes into a modern-day food enterprise. We make ice cream as a contract manufacturer to other businesses which compete in the national multiples and in export markets, as well as for ourselves (Tipperary Ice Cream).

As an award-winning Chocolate & Ice Cream maker, we open our doors to share with you the delights of quality chocolate – relish samples of different grades of premium chocolate, enjoy a demo of how different chocolate products are made, see and smell what a cocoa bean is actually like.. and make and decorate a chocolate figure to take home, complete with and safe inside its mould. Plenty of fun, facts and figures for all.

So, whether your interest is from a Home Economics perspective – in the food hygiene and preparation element of the business; or in the business model, production and marketing aspects, we can specifically tailor our workshop for your groups’ needs.

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