The Chocolate Garden of Ireland Introduces “Ruby” Chocolate, 22 July 2018

The Chocolate Garden of Ireland Introduces “Ruby” Chocolate, 22 July 2018
July 19, 2018 Patrick Kavanagh

It has been 80 years since white chocolate was introduced to join milk and dark chocolate on our shelves. Now, after years of research and development, a unique processing technique combines with the Ruby Cocoa Bean to naturally unlock delicious new flavour and colour tone and present this extraordinary new innovative chocolate. Ruby chocolate brings you berry-fruit flavour notes in a smooth luscious creamy chocolate. It is truly a delight to the senses.

The Chocolate Garden of Ireland is the first Artisan Chocolatier in Ireland to offer this stunning chocolate! And, watch this space, as we will have plenty of new flavour combinations to explore and present to you moving forward!

Initially, for our off-site customers around the country, The Chocolate Garden of Ireland will offer: Ruby Chocolate Bar 100g €4.50 Ruby Chocolate Shoe with 2 Caramels 150g, €13.95 Ruby Chocolate Leaves in a Pouch 100g, similar to red pouches shown More variety of Ruby products will be available in our own shop. Down the line, we will introduce additional Ruby products to the trade customers around the country.

Pink Chocolate – how is it pink? Cocoa Mass is typically brown and gets its colour from the variety of cocoa bean and the fermentation process after the cocoa pods have been harvested and emptied of cocoa beans for Ruby, a special variety of cocoa has been grown and a unique processing technique used to achieve a pink cocoa mass instead of the traditional brown we are used to. Typically, cocoa beans are dried after fermentataion, cleaned and broken into Nibs, then melted, becoming Cocoa Liquor this can be further processed into Cocoa Mass and the White part Cocoa Butter. White Chocolate is made from Milk, Sugar and Cocoa Butter primarily (there is no cocoa mass). Ruby Chocolate has both Cocoa Butter and (Pink) Cocoa Mass. Our Cocoa is sourced from Ghana and the Ivory Coast and is ethically produced; considerable partnership

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