Allenwood Hamper

Allenwood Hamper


Presented in a Gift Tray

Hampers & Gift Baskets are available all throughout the year.

Please contact us for delivery outside of Ireland & UK.


Chocolate Garden Handmade Selection 130g
Chocolate Garden Dark Salted Caramels 110g
Gourmet Christmas Milk Chocolate Bar 100g
Wicklow Fine Foods All-Butter Cracknel Biscuits 200g
Wicklow Fine Foods All-Butter Cinnamon Stick Biscuits 200g
2 Hot Chocolate Swirly Sticks
Chocolate Garden Luxury Butterscotch Spread 195g
Wicklow Fine Foods Caramel Waffle Snack Pack

Presented in a beautifully wrapped Gift Tray

Occasional stock-outs may require certain items to be replaced – any replacements will have an equal or greater value to the stock-out item.

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